About Alex Melton

   History needs people to create itself.  
           People are leaves on the tree of Destiny.
                    Stories map the wind that shakes the leaves.


Copyright 2009-17 Alex Melton.  All Rights Reserved.
   Alex lives and works happily in sunny New Zealand,

with a supportive partner, in a house with glimpses of city,

                   and sea and woodlands

       And a rescued cat who believes she rules

    - even pretending to be abandoned to gain power.

              As you can see from the picture.
                       She is an AristoCat,

       thankful the garden is too small for us to have a dog.

Now the children are grown it is delightful to watch the sun rising,

hear birds socialising and write tales of far-off lands and times
                   As we go through life

The only thing certain is change - until we find that
   someone who helps us live with it - and that is
                  a  whole new life story   
  What greater challenge can there be than to meet
       someone who brings out the hidden you
  Alex loves to write about how people accept (or not)  change in life and living -  BCE Mediterranean, Egypt,     Greece  -  Victorian London (and Australia)
                   after the Crimean

Alex is working on writing  about Georgian England  -  and what happens to people under the lowering
              storm of more recent  WW ll