Welcome to the home of Alex Melton

      History needs people to create itself.  
            People are leaves on the tree of Destiny.
                    Stories map the wind that shakes the leaves.


Copyright 2009-13 Alex Melton.  All Rights Reserved.
                          A story shows us

         how others deal with, and to, a life they

               believe they are contracted to live

  Life is based on change -  only rocks continue without 

                         As people  grow

         They meet with love and being loved

        - what change could be more powerful?

              Through good times and hard ones,

            From ancient worlds to this century

          Mystery, Romance and Suspense are guides

         How could we not write about what drives us?


                                                                 Alex is back
                    The holiday was wonderful.
  We went to Norway and enjoyed the friendly culture,
              the weather, the mountains and fjords,
                      and the lack of graffiti.
                  Then to The Orkney Islands,
                off the coast of northern Scotland,
         where we met with a quite different culture -
       that of life as it was thousands of years ago
                       well before Stonehenge.
          We came away with a very high respect
       for our forebears and their abilities to survive.
                Or we would not be here at all